Indispensable ingredients for all work

An overall work of art is created from individual parts. The components are supplied by specialist dealers and the work is created by the customer. VENO has everything for patchworkers, quilters and for anyone who knows how to handle small, but delicate "portions". The VENO product range not only aims at artful bedspreads and wall hangings. When we think of fabrics, we also think of patches for ironing on or seasonal and current products, such as our selection of cork material for bags, decoration and accessories.

For decades, it has proven to be particularly valuable for speciality retail that VENO has a strong nose for current and upcoming trends. Whatever is 'in' right now, we have in stock for you.

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Interlinings & Battings

Heat and dimensional stability as a "bonus"

The volume is emphasised here, since the thermal insulation improves: Well-versed seamstresses ask for technical materials in speciality trade, which give their work the last functional touch. These materials are filling wool, volume fleece, pelmet inserts and much more. Thermal padding concealed in baby blankets or winter jackets ensures comfort! Shaping inserts are also usually hidden from the eye. But their effect is unmistakable, which of course is especially true for the push-up bra inserts.

Our slogan "VENO makes fashion complete" is proven true of the invisible, but also indispensable details. In terms of inserts, we offer you a comprehensive product range that is based on proven and innovative materials.

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