"I first have to create a ribbon here"

On the one hand, they are indispensable for functional reasons – think of the supporting elastic tape. On the other hand, ribbons are something like the playful attention to detail. Pockets, aprons or sleeve edges are only considered to be truly done if the ribbons make them pretty and the handiwork is literally closed. Sure: The jeans hem can be managed without a creative finishing stitch if necessary. But in the end something is missing. Namely a crowning highlight that sells very well by the way. For attachment with a needle or machine is a simple finger exercise even for the not so well-versed customers.

At VENO, you will find ribbons in all conceivable designs: whether coloured elastic or high-quality woven ribbon, whether with romantic hearts or playful Koi carp, whether filigree ornament or tear-resistant webbing.

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Your customers bind them well

They are something of the original material of manual labourers: Strings. In prehistoric times, it was strong cords or ropes that bound and held together fabrics and leather. The modern string of the modern era is more delicate and colourful. Most of the time they are not only intended to function, but also to decorate: as a belt, as a pull cord in a laundry or bread bag, as winding strips to decorate glasses and other containers. Brides like to have a satin bag sewed for their wedding ceremony. Without strings as decoration and a closure, all of the luck that girlfriends put in it would spill out again.

VENO has put together a wide range of  strings in its collection - and the product range is constantly updated. For strings have always been a favourite. Certainly also in your business.

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Pipings, Braids, Trimmings & Ruffles

That's how a fine item is made

It has always been considered an expression of high culture when people embellish themselves and their surroundings. Handicraft lovers are the keepers of this desire for the finer things in life. Note the piping! For some it reinforces the seam, for others it completes the overall impression. Edging, braids and quilling are also a decorative accessory as a bow to our aesthetic needs. You can do without it if you are only putting the necessary elements into your work. But if you understand your work as an artistic act of creation, you need it like the flower needs water.

Piping, edging, braids and quilling belong in the quality product range of any specialised dealer who positively sets themselves apart from the competition with a first-rate collection. VENO has put together a contemporary selection for you.

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Woven Fur

Affection for touching and stroking

Warm, soft, cuddly - what a great extra. When people are looking for warmth, faux furs prosper: as a decoration for hoods or as pompons on hats and caps. Faux furs are not only an effective means to combat the wintry frost: They dispel interpersonal coldness during all seasons as a gentle and tender greeting, a coldness that we have not known since the wonderful story about the little people of Swabedoo. (If you do not know of this touching fairy tale, you should absolutely Google it and present it to your customers).

The faux furs from VENO cover a wide range of colours and qualities: from mink and bay cat to wolf and silver fox.

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