Stable service conditions

Symbiosis of shop, app and field service

This is typical VENO: We make changes too and introduce innovation into speciality retail. Nevertheless, we remain loyal to our basic service line. Since the invention of the needle and thread: we incorporate our expertise so that your business thrives.

If you want an app for the professional consultation of your customers. Gladly. If you would like to browse through the online shop. Go for it. And if you expect competence on site, i.e. real live field staff. Here you go. Our service adjusts with the times – but we also depend on the tried and tested contact between people.

Online shop

Many people have already tried out the VENO service offering 
and were immediately convinced.

VENO app

You always have all of the information available 
and up-to-date with our VENO app.

Your VENO salespeople

VENO relies on a trusting partnership and competent consultation. Our area sales manager is busy working for you. If you should have any questions, please simply call him or send him an email.